SME Loan

Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Loan (July 2017)

Product Brief Description:

AMA bank is offering a SME Loan facility which can be utilized for the following purposes:

Additional working capital
Putting up a franchise business
Business expansion
Purchase of equipments/machineries.

Who are qualified to borrow?
Corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships duly registered with government agencies

How much can an AMA SME Loan client borrow?
Minimum loanable amount of Php 500,000.00.
Loanable amount of up to 60% of the Appraised Value of the real estate property

Terms and Others
Fully secured basis
Loan terms up to 5 years
For Loan Line Facilities, one year renewable annually
Enjoy competitive interest rates

What properties can be assigned as collateral?
Vacant Lot
House and Lot
Commercial Buildings with Lot

Note: The property to be financed may also be used as collateral.

What are the documentary requirements?

Housing Loan (End User Financing)Corporation/Partnership/Sole Proprietorship

Completely filled out AMA Home Loan Application Form.
Photocopy of 2 valid IDs with photo and signature (i.e. passport, driver’s license, company ID, etc.).
Bank Statement for the last six (6) months.
Photocopy of latest Income Tax Return (ITR) or W-2 Form/BIR Form 2316.
Proof of income (Latest one (1) month payslip and Certificate of Employment with Compensation (COE)).

Contract of Employment & Compensation/Certificate of Employment.

History of Employment/Latest Crew Contract (if Applicant is a Seaman).

For the Collateral
Copy of TCT/CCT.
Updated Tax Declaration and Real Estate tax Receipts.

    Completely filled out Loan Application Form.

    General Information Sheet/Company Profile or History of Business and Stockholders Brief Background
    Business Registration/Permits.
    SEC Registration/DTI Registration.
    Articles of Incorporation/Partnership and By-Laws.
    Financial Statement (last 3 years: In-house and Audited Statements).
    Income Tax Return (ITR) for the last three (3) years.
    Bank Statement for the last six (6) months.
    List of Trade Suppliers / Address / Telephone No. / Contact Person (if applicable)
    List of reference Banks (Depository and Loans) / with contact details

    For the Collateral
    Copy of TCT/CCT
    Updated Tax Declaration and Real Estate tax Receipts.

      If applicable, any documents showing proof of income (i.e. regular receipt of remittances, allowance, etc)
      Note: The Bank shall request additional requirements based on the Credit facility/ies being applied by the borrower.

      Why choose AMA Bank?
      AMA provides the client the unique opportunity to own their dream home.
      AMA Bank provides personalized service for their clients.
      AMA Bank can assist the real estate developers the chance to enhance their business by giving additional working capital and to partially finance the construction of residential houses.
      AMA Bank can assist business owners with their expansion plan.

      How to apply?

      There are two (2) ways to apply for AMA Home Loan:

      Download the form here, fill up the form and send to: ( will request for another email address)
      Visit any AMA Bank Branch near you or call: (02) 477-8277; (02) 533-4067 (Head Office)