AMA Bank

About AMA Bank

The bank has been in operation since 1953 and was previously named as Ortanez Rural Bank, Inc. In 1958, the bank’s name was changed to Mandaluyong Rural Bank, Inc. as approved by Central Bank of the Philippines (now Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas). Subsequently a series of changes in ownership and management of the bank occurred and with the said changes, the bank’s name was also changed to Rural Bank of Mandaluyong Inc. in 1963 and Ventures Rural Bank, Inc. in 1992. In March 1999, the AMA Group of Companies acquired total ownership of Ventures Rural Bank Inc. from the Ramon Jacinto Group. The bank’s name was changed to AMA Rural Bank of Mandaluyong, Inc., with the business name of AMA Bank.

The eventual conversion of AMA Bank from Rural Bank to Thrift Bank is the immediate goal of the new management. Backed by the latest in information technology, AMA Bank aims to serve and be a partner of the Filipino entrepreneur.

AMA Bank is part of the AMA Group of Companies, a Filipino-owned enterprise engaged in diverse types of business and services. The AMA Group is clustered in four major divisions: the financial services (which includes AMA Bank), information technology services, property development and power distribution. The AMA Education System is a network of educational institutions that provides the competitive edge in computer-based education. It has firmly established computer colleges and technical centers across the region from Manila to China, Bahrain, Hong Kong and USA.

Corporate Philosophy, Vision and Mission

CORPORATE PHILOSOPHY. We believe in the spirit of the Filipino entrepreneur to tap the vast potential of the nation’s resources towards achieving economic progress. Banks and financial institutions work hand in hand with their clients to promote a better quality of life for all. Meeting the needs of the communities we serve is a privilege. For AMA Bank, providing the impetus for economic development is a primary responsibility.

CORPORATE MISSION. The mission of AMA Bank is to become the ultimate partner in the banking industry. Backed by the latest in information technology and highly trained and motivated employees, it seeks to provide its clients with quality products and excellent service.

CORPORATE VISION. The vision of AMA Bank is to be the leader in the used-car financing and other consumer products with its highly trained and motivated employees to provide clients with excellent service in achieving total customer satisfaction.